TheFireWolf's Review of Star Trek Into Darkness

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Before this movie I have NEVER booed a film. This movie....has problems but before you get a full fledged brunt of wrath from the issues let's talk about the good in this movie. Benedict Cumberbatch, Simon Pegg, and Chris Pine give excellent top notch performances in this film. The world of this film is fantastic and it looks great. The score serves what's going on in the film. With that being said. THIS ISN'T A MOVIE! Yes it was produced to be a film, it was sold as a film, and it is being shown in theaters, but it is not a movie. It is someone's re-imagining of the 1982 The Wrath of Khan, where Kirk had never before met Khan. And it is terrible in that regard. The space fights don't build tension, it's too full of action pieces and we don't really get to know the characters. And Zachary Qunito who plays Spock is only half-decent in the role this time. The naming of planets and locations is very distracting and detracts from the film. And the female "characters" including Uhura don't really showcase anything role model worthy. This film is a disappointment, don't waste your money.
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