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Just got finished seeing Star Trek: Into Darkness IMAX 3D. I have to say that compared to the bore fest that was Ironman 3, this movie from the opening scene to the closing credits is a breath of fresh air. I can finally feel that the summer movie season has officially begun. I can forget about the bad taste that Ironman 3 put in my mouth. Star Trek was just what I needed. This movie has what every summer blockbuster should have: Action, suspense, humor, special effects, great acting and a plot. The Star Trek gang is all back as Capt. Kirk tries to avenge the death of a good friend. It's hard to say much about this movie without giving some twists and spoilers away. Especially the twist when it comes to the villain of the movie, who is played brilliantly by Benjamin Cumberbatch (who also does an amazing job in the British TV series "Sherlock"). Most Star Trek fans will know who this villain is but I will suspect there may be many people that see this movie, who are not big Star Trek fans, but because they liked the last movie they will see this one, who won't know anything about this villain (for example, my wife had never heard of him). The IMAX was totally worth it. It's too bad that you can't see this movie in 2D IMAX but the 3D was good but didn't really add to the movie for the most part. I give this movie 3.5 stars out of 4. Things to watch for with kids: Kirk is in bed with 2 alien women, he also watches a woman change clothes down to her underwear. There's also A LOT of language in the movie. Probably 20+ swear words total. The violence in some scenes could be a little much for the kids.
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