SupermanUnlimited's Review of Star Trek Into Darkness

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ages 13+ | Worth Your Time

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THIS IS HOW THE SUMMER MOVIES SHOULD ALWAYS START!!! I hope caliber of Star Trek is what we can expect for the rest of the summer, because I'm excited to see Into Darkness again!!! I can't wait to see this in IMAX 3D! If you want to see the new #StarTrekIntoDarkness, see it UNSPOILED! The smallest spoiler will ruin the movie for you!!! Terrific opening scene, it's comedic and adventurous. (It sets up the end of the movie perfectly.) There are plenty of action sequences and dialogue of thought-provoking moral questions to balance out the heavy action. To say much more will definitely be a spoiler. I will say this much about the final 20 minutes: I almost cried, this movie definitely pulls on the heart strings, near the end! Sexual content: Kirk is in bed with 2 aliens, implying sexual relations. Sensual content: Kirk watches a woman change clothes, down to her underwear. Swearing: Little-to-none Violence: The villain is very violent and ruthless. He kills a man by squeezing his skull - the degree damage of is off camera. There is also hand-to-hand combat. 3.5/4 stars
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