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ages 13+ | Worth Your Time

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Star Trek Into Darkness will apease both hard core Trekies and may very well create a new generation of Trekies. This film picks up where the last one left off and has no let down what so ever. In fact I think it is better than the last Star Trek. Much needed life has been given to a movie franchise that was all but dead and resurrected it to better than it was when the who movie series started. I do not want to say much about this movie because any comments on content could spoil this one for you. But I went to the Megaplex Theater in West Valley to see it in IMAX 3D and seen it again in the Lehi Megaplex in normal 3D. If you miss out on the IMAX 3D you are really missing out on the best version of this film. It is worth every penny spent to see it in IMAX and 3D. And the West Valley Megaplex has the best and latest technology for this fomat in Utah and most of the United States and it shows. I strongly encourage you to take a trip to the Valley Fair Mall West Valley Megaplex Theater to see this movie.
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