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A thumbs up, but with some pretty serious reservations. I'm not a Star Trek fan, per se, but I do completely get all the backlash to this movie based on some of the kind of unnecessary decisions that were made that cause it to step on the toes of previous Trek films. I won't get into it for the sake of avoiding spoilers, but if I were a fan, I would be bothered. There are also a lot of story issues, kind of like the first film. Fun and engaging enough, but don't think about it afterwards if you don't want to begin seeing all the gaping plot holes and unexplained/unmotivated character decisions. And yes, one scene involving Alice Eve's character is completely gratuitous and deserved the criticism it received. That said, it is a decent popcorn flick. Very beautiful to look at. J.J. Abrams clearly has a great eye for visuals, and there are enough references to the original series to keep the non-diehard fans entertained. The alien design, for one thing, is in keeping with the classic series: men in makeup. Nothing more ambitious than that. It's that kind of retro-futuristic vibe that keeps this from feeling like every other Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster. The performances are also worth mentioning. Benedict Cumberbatch, in particular, makes for a great villain. If only the quality of the writing were up to snuff.
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