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The continuation of the alternate Star Trek timeline as Directed by JJ Abrams continues in this fast paced sequel; Into Darkness. Without giving too much away let me just say this was an excellent film on nearly every level. The acting, plot, pacing, visuals and story were all superb. The only item I give slightly lower marks on is the music. I fully expected much of the previous score to be re-jiggered for this, but I literally only picked up on one truly original sound track in one part of the film. As with the last film, but more so with this one; Abrams takes elements from the original Trek films and mirrors them. Lets just say that Star Trek II: the Wrath of Khan was mirrored extensively in this film. They also pull some material from DS9, of all places, concerning Section 31. If you are a true Trek fan you will know what this is. As I watched this I couldn't help but think that this is what the prequel Star Wars films should have been. Summed up, this film was a lot of fun, suspenseful, emotional and the romance between Spock and Uhara was full of energy and good taste. In short, everything (especially episode II) the Prequel star wars was not. Surprisingly Scotty plays a huge, humorous role in this film. I think most people, even if they are not Fans will enjoy this fast-paced adventure. The rating is just right for violence, language, frightening imagery, peril, deaths and a couple very brief scenes showing women (Alien and human) only in under wear.
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