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From the moment you sit down to the moment the credits start to roll, Star Trek Into Darkness throws you into a fast-paced and intense ride of non-stop action. In fact, probably too much action. Star Trek was always meant to be a science fiction story, not an action flick. If there is something that is wrong with this film, the strong focus on action over anything else would be it. As it was with the first movie in this reboot of the franchise, the special effects are great, the humor clever and well-timed, and the nods to fans of the original canon plentiful and fulfilling. I actually did once more enjoy the direction this new Star Trek universe took familiar story lines and the twists and changes that were put in without completely destroying what had come before. However, as I mentioned before, Into Darkness focuses too much on being an action film and does not focus enough on some of the things that make Star Trek what it is -- exploration, discovery, wonder, self-reflection, and even somewhat cheesy moral lessons. In fact, on the last point, Into Darkness sets up very well to advance certain lessons in the beginning ... and then utterly fails to deliver in the end, instead throwing in a cheap Hollywood trope about non-violence in the middle of a constantly violent movie. Content-wise, be aware that the movie really is consistently violent and that there are two brief scenes of sensuality. Swearing is present and common enough to be noticed. The film is fun but, in the end, it is little more than that. Worth a watch, especially if you're a Trek fan, but not anything amazingly special. And yes, J.J. Abrams still loves the lens flare.
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