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I found this movie to be pretty entertaining. It shows Tony Stark in the light of the Avenger's movie where he is terrified of the unknown. I think this was a top notch movie, but there were a few things that bugged me. It seemed like the Iron Man suit that is basically indestructible in the first two movies fell apart whenever anything sneezed on it. There were lots of suits that would fly in from the rafter's to save the day. But I found myself thinking, "Just put on one of the old suits so it will hold up". Good call by the producers to make Gwenyth Paltrow more of the plot line. I took my kids to this movie, ages 8 and 10 and didn't feel uncomfortable at all at them being there. While the movie has a lot of violence in it, it is all comic violence, which I personally am not nearly as bugged by as I would be the blood and gore from a Game of Thrones type show. I put this as the first must see for the year!
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